Roaming Reece – A New Adventure

Part 1: As a person who is in the midst of a new adventure, looking for ways and means to keep my indefinite backpacker lifestyle sustained. I have looked into many different opportunities available to me to invest some time and a little money with a goal of learning a skill to bring in an income while traveling.

With my initial plan of becoming a super star blogger still in its infancy, I have rediscovered my love of scuba diving. While in Thailand on the infamous island of Koh Phangan earlier this year I decided to upgrade my skills by progressing to an PADI Advanced Diver with Asia Blue – Scuba. Taking this step forward not only confirmed the tranquility of being at one the ocean but the option to embark on an Internship heading further towards a career of PADI Divemaster.

Asia Blue have developed an internship scheme to suit the individual, whether you have time and money or neither, Asia Blue will structure an Internship to fit your criteria. As part of my new adventure, have chosen to join the Asia Blue team, put my physical journey on hold and start to invest some time in working towards a Divemaster qualification that in turn will benefit me in my continuing plans for the future. With a Divemaster qualification under my belt and some well guided experience the possibilities of taking these well developed skills to basically anywhere on the globe that has a body of water.

To say my journey is on hold is not exactly correct, I just won’t be covering as much ground that I have been in the last year of scratching the surface on this intriguing continent of Asia. The island of Koh Phangan has so much more to offer than moon controlled parties. My time at the moment whilst learning this new trade is set in more tranquil surroundings.

To be continued…

Post by Roaming Reece.

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