Sail Rock

Scuba diving Sail Rock (also named Hin Bai), is characterised by submerged peaks and artificial reefs. Also the chimney, lots of marine life and the chance to see Whale Sharks. Sail Rock dive site is suitable for both novice and advanced divers alike. Our dive boat takes around 1 hour to get to from Koh Phangan. Leaving plenty of time for some breakfast, dive briefs and equipment setup.

Sail Rock is a pinnacle half way between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Considered to be the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand. It acts as a meeting point for all fish in the surrounding areas. The real highlight has to be the Whale Sharks, which can be seen here quite regularly. Whether you are snorkelling or scuba diving, you will be surprised at how long these sharks stay around to enjoy their visitors.

whale sharks at sail rock

The Dive Site

The main pinnacle drops down to maximum depths of 30 metres in the sand and is normally dived in a circular path around the rock. If currents are strong nevertheless, our dive guides will take you around the sheltered areas, preventing tough finning in the currents. Sail Rock can easily be navigated the whole way round on one dive. While decent’s and accent’s normally taking place close to the main pinnacle via fixed lines.

Sail Rock is well known for its chimney. A large swim through that can be entered at around 18 metres and can be exited at around 10 metres and shallower at around 5 metres. The chimney is a sanctuary for all sorts of fish. Similarly, with many corals, sponges and crustaceans along the walls. There’s plenty of things to look at, either going on the way up or down. It also makes for some good buoyancy practice!

Another wonderful sight when scuba diving Sail Rock is a smaller sized pinnacle (Secret Pinnacle) that begins at around 18 meters and goes down to about 30 meters. This slightly smaller pinnacle lies 3 minutes swim away, over the sandy bottom to the east. Often this area is a lot quieter with divers due to its depth.

dive tripes to sail rock

Marine Life

Big schools of fish, including Yellow Tailed Barracuda circle the pinnacle. The shape of the rock itself makes the dive similar to a wall dive. With fascinating creatures and critters right the way to the top. In between the Secret Pinnacle and the main rock there is an artificial reef. Made from huge blocks which has produced a new environment for fish.

Sail Rock has made its reputation due to the large volume and diversity of marine life that lives here. Barracuda, Trevally, Batfish, Butterfly Fish, Angel fish, Damsels, the list goes on and on.

Diving Sail Rock

Taking a dive trip with Asia Blue – Scuba to Sail Rock allows qualified divers to enjoy 2 quality “fun” dives. Costs are only 2500 THB and include a dive guide, all standard equipment, refreshments on the boat and resort pickup/drop off. For complete novices, you can take part in the PADI Discover Diving Program (DSD) at just 3500 THB.

Diving at Sail Rock can usually be enjoyed throughout the year, with visibility reaching up to 35 metres on good days. There may be a decrease in visibility during October to November when monsoon winds and swells can be present. Water temperature vary between 27C and 30C, with the coolest water in the months of October to December.

whale shark


Above all, diving at Sail Rock is a “must do”. Whether you’re an experienced diver or would like to have a one day scuba diving experience with the DSD Program. Book your dive trip to Sail Rock with Asia Blue – Scuba today…..Go Asia Blue!

Post by Darran at Asia Blue – Scuba.

Is Sail Rock on your wish list of sites to dive? Have you dived here before? Leave your comments below!

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